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Football ground Sand supplier in UAE

We are the one of the largest manufacturer for Football ground Sand in UAE & Other GCC Country.  It is used in Construction Chemicals, Sport & Leisure, Oil & Gas, Metallurgical, Laboratory Testing, Glass  Reinforcement, Glass Industries, Foundry Casting, Filtration, Ceramics and Refractories, Agriculture, Traffic Paint and Texture.
Supplier : Gulf Minerals & Chemical Industries Umm Al Quwain
Posted On :3 months ago

Grocery Shop Renovation Work in Dubai

<div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>Our key advantages: -</div><div><br></div><div>A)<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>Work handling by experienced engineers&nbsp;</div><div>B)<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>Long Time Experience in renovation works&nbsp;</div><div>C)<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>Professional labours and Supervisions</div><div>D)<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>We have all equipment for Grocery shops&nbsp;</div><div>E)<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>Fast and Prompt service in the very short period of time&nbsp;</div><div>F)<span style="white-space:pre"> </span>Understanding and implementing our client requirements</div></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>The Major Activities of Our Renovation work<span style="white-space:pre"> </span></div><div><span style="white-space:pre"> </span></div><div>1)Shelf Dismantle and nail removing</div><div>2) Removing Floor Tile and fixing new tiles (RAK)</div><div>3)Demolition of mezzanine-steel&nbsp;</div><div>4) Build a new wall/Block</div><div>5) Electrical work on shop&nbsp;</div><div>6) Armored Cable from main DB to shop DB</div><div>7) AC installation + Chiller Open Installation&nbsp;</div><div>8) AC Drainage&nbsp;</div><div>9) Isolator for AC and Open Chiller&nbsp;</div><div>10) Aluminum Ceiling Work</div><div>11) Ceiling Electrical Light (60x60) as per shop requirements&nbsp;</div><div>12) Front Glass: Clear frameless tempered glass with single door&nbsp;</div><div>13) Storeroom doors fabrications</div><div>14) Gypsum partition for&nbsp;</div><div>15) Plumbing works</div><div>16) Insect killer, emergency light etc</div><div>17) Providing Air curtain 90cm&nbsp;</div><div>18) 3D or 2D Sign Board and sticker works</div><div>19) Marble top Cash counter as per the guild line of EDD</div><div>20) Overhead wooden box cabinets&nbsp;&nbsp;</div><div>21) weighing machine</div><div>22) Stainless steel Vegetable stand</div><div>23) Canopy installations&nbsp;</div><div>24) Shelving Turkey makes&nbsp;</div><div>25) Composite panel gladding</div><div>26) Sandwich panel Roofing&nbsp;&nbsp;</div><div>28) Inside shop pillar gladding works</div><div>29) CCTV supply and installations</div><div>30) POS machines supply&nbsp;</div><div>31) Municipality document works and getting approvals</div>
Supplier : Fast and Fast Electro Mechanical LLC DUBAI
Posted On :2 years ago

Playground Equipments in UAE

We are the suppliers of Playground Equipments in UAE
Supplier : Spark Technical Supplies FZE SHARJAH
Posted On :4 years ago


Supplier : Doors & Shade Systems AJMAN
Posted On :4 years ago

Steel Crowd Barricades, Police Type Barriers Q Poles Queue Manager Suppliers Exporters Company in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Oman, Iran, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Jordan

Visit us www.Champions123.comwww.ChampionsDubai.comMANUFACTURERS, FABRICATORS, CONTRACTORS, ENGINEERS, SUPPLIERS of All type of Standard and custom made BARRIERS, BARRICADES, ANTI CLIMB, PICKETS, MESH, BOUNDARY, TEMPORARY/RESTRICTED ACCESS, MASS/ GROUP/ PUBLIC/ CROWD CONTROL SAFETY FENCES, QUEUING/ PASSAGE, BARRICADE RENTAL, BARRICADE HIRE SERVICES / SUPPLIERS IN UAE, SECURITY BARRICADES / BARRIERS FOR CROWD MANAGEMENT, PARKINGS, HOTELS, POOLS, SCHOOLS, BEACH, TRAFFIC CONTROL BARRIERS, DIVIDERS, BARRICADES IN UAE, DUBAI, ABU DHABI, SHARJAH, AL AIN, RAK etc. Available for: EVENTS, SHOWS, STADIUMS, SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES, HOTELS, GROUNDS, PARKS, LAWNS, BEACHES, PARTIES, CLUBS, EXHIBITIONS, CONFERENCE ETC. ALSO STAGES, TRUSSES, DECKS, HESCO, Hesco, Bird / Pigeon Spikes, Bird Wire ETC. GABIONS / GABION MATTRESS, BOX, WELD MESH, Supply & Erection, Material Handling Roller Conveyors, Airport Cargo / Material Handling / Cargo Management / Forwarding Conveyors Systems / Equipments Suppliers / Fabricators / Manufacturers suitable for Airport, Screening, Customs, Ports, Cargo Trolleys, Cargo Belts, Packer-Forwarders, Material Transport / Transfer / Shifting / Movement Roller Conveyors, Cargo Bins, Skips, Airport Cargo Handling Equipment Fabricators / Manufacturers / Contractors / Suppliers / Company for Ground Support Equipments, Trailers, Luggage Carriers, Canopies, Chutes, Ducts, Ground Handling Solutions, Baggage / Cargo / Luggage Carts, Trolleys, Bins, Container Dolly, Belt Loaders, Aircraft Passenger Stairs etc. in UAE / GCC / AFRICA / EXPORTERS   GALVANIZED, PAINTED, POWDER COATED, STAINLESS STEEL, ALUMINIUMALL TYPES OF FENCING SYSTEMSNORMANDY BARRIERSMOJO BARRIERS Supply, Installation/ Erection all across UAE - DUBAI, ABU DHABI, SHARJAH, RAK, UAQ, FUJAIRAH, AL AIN, PALACE, RUWAIS, SILA, TAWILA, HABSHAN, SCHOOLS, MALLS, PARKS, HOTELS, PROJECTS. etc.Fire Escape ChuteEmergency Evacuation ChuteSafety Exit ChuteALSO GABIONS, HESCO BARRIERS, Defense Barriers Bastions Wall, FENCE PANELS, Bird Pigeon Control Wire Spikes Barriers ISO 9001:2008 certified PLS. CALL:     0097150 - 5475666 e-mail:
Posted On :8 years ago

water bottle hunter thermos, insulated water bottl

CONTACT : +971554451015 OR Email - bottle 1 liter, hunter water bottle 1 liter, HU-2 hunter water bottle thermas, hunter h2 water cooler widely used in desert,camps, and construction areas,water bottle available in various capacity 500ml to 2 liter capacity, hunter water cooler 1 liter is widely use in every where
Posted On :9 years ago